Mustafa Özcan

Mustafa Özcan was born on December 20, 1947 (Registered in the certificate on January 3, 1948) in Gonen. After finishing Ömer Seyfettin Primary School and Gönen Secondary School there, he graduated from Istanbul Haydarpaşa High School Science Department in June 1966, which he entered in 1962. At the beginning of 1967, he went to Germany as a state scholarship subject to examination within the scope of Law No. 1416 to pursue higher education in chemical engineering on behalf of Etibank.

Between 1967-1973, he studied Chemical Engineering at Berlin Technical University. At the beginning of 1974 in order with Turkey’s Eti Bank of returning to compulsory service in the cause of Bandirma Müessesesi and worked at the Central Research and Development Department in Ankara.

He worked as a Chemical Sector Specialist in the Prime Ministry State Planning Organization Coordi-nation Department between 1978-1980. During his work in this organization, he served as the Vice Presi-dent of the “Restructuring of SEEs” Board. At the end of 1980, he was included in the SPO Specialists group who was victimized by the Military Junta and was returned to his duty at Etibank. After completing nine and a half years of his ten-year compulsory service in 1983 and paying the rest in cash, he left the civil service and came to Istanbul as Planning Coordinator at Ulkar Holding.

Joining Şişecam, where he continued his longest working life in the autumn of 1984, he has been in the management of various issues such as technical, planning, organization, project-investment, business development, engineering, total quality, in-service training, environmental protection and glass recycling at various levels and positions of the Group. He continued his work by taking part. He retired in 2007 after a business life approaching 33 years.

Mustafa Özcan, who is married and has two children, has served in many non-governmental organiza-tions, including a member of the Tüsiad Environment Working Group, a member of the Board of Directors of Çevko, and the founding president of the Camsiad and Gekider associations.
He continues his volunteer work in KDP, Kadıköy Thought Platform, TETP, Thorium Ender Topraklar Platform, Gönen, Bandırma and Erdek Cultural Platforms, which are still active in real and virtual world.

Mustafa Özcan daily newspapers, weekly magazines for 35 years in the mass media as being out va-rious writings since along with internet media KDP and Vocabulary holistic in Turkey-scientific skilled trial-type articles are known to have a separate place.