Johannes Çiçek

I was born in Şişli in İstanbul 26.05.1984. My father worked at the hotel at the tourism business and my mother worked at home and was a family with four children. I went to school eleven years in İstanbul and I graduated.

In 2000 I went to the tourist church on the Istiklal street and started to burn the candle and starting to shed light on my Christianity. American pub management has made it for a long time in İstanbul kadıköy. As a hobby of Istanbul I wrote two chapters comic book and a small philosophy book and a line story.My catacumenia started in 2018 İstanbul Kadıköy Moda Notre Dame De L’assumption church and on 18.10.2020.

I was baptized by Istanbul Bishop Ruben Tierrablanca Gonzalez. I came to Mexico City in 2021 and my anthropology has developed. I'm investigating the holy mysteries of Christianity and races. I am sometimes on saxophone and I write books.