You Are Mine: "A love story in 2015"

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A love story in Los Angeles,

New York and İstanbul.



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Chapter 1



Elif Akıncıoğlu came to dormitory at a trot. Here was a luxury student dormitory, where the children of the only elite people could stay.

-’Hello Lily’ said laughingly, to snappish and stubborn dormitory official, who was busy with cleaning the room of dormitory Manager ‘More power to you! Is there anyone called me?

-’Ten minute intervals since the morning, Gökhan has telephoned you. The tips of my fingers have felt pain because of the connecting the calls to your room.’ She replied, Lily, fulminating of her eyes.

-’I apologize on his behalf. Did he say anything, then? Did he leave any note?’

-’No, he did not leave any note. He would have called again.’ Lily said, looking at the table of the dormitory Manager, which was in front of her.

-’Thank you’ Elif said, she flipped back her hairs, which was natural wavy brown hair coming in front of her eyes, and she moved forward to the dormitory elevator on the right side. The screen of the elevator showed 10. Its meaning was that the elevator was on the canteen story. She pressed ‘zero’ button by her finger with pink nail polish and called the elevator.

Lily was a 28 aged woman, who was 160 tall, white-skinned, green eyes, had oval body lines, full-figured, brown short hairs. She had married once before. That her husband had been alcohol addict and she had gotten beatings of him every nights, caused to breakdown of her marriage 6 years ago. This dormitory was the first place, where she had worked. She had been working here for nearly 6 years.

The students did not like her much because she immediately snitched on the dormitory to the manager every event in the dormitory. So, the dormitory Manager was always informed about everything. The method of hoaxing Lily was only a cigarette, she forgot everything fob the one packet cigarettes and she clammed up to the Manager.

The five minutes had passed ever since she had been waiting in front of the elevator. The girls, on the story, had called the elevator preceded of her, and they were taking stroll between the stories by the elevator. Firstly two, then three, then four, they were loitering all the stories one by one, but they were not leading down to ground Floor. Elif could not face to wait more and walked to stairs behind her between yellow walls, which seemed not to end..

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