The Secret of My Child's Success

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Every parent brings her/his child into the world wishing that the  child  will  be  healthy,  happy,  and successful.



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   There are two different ideas in the education world. Does the child develop a personality “by nature or by nurture?” Even if we accept both views to a certain degree, we need to know that every minute, we can educate and change ourselves by improving our brain’s functioning. In recent years, even people who were raised under difficult conditions have been able to find opportunities to improve and educate themselves, thanks to self-help books.

 This book draws on my educational and professional experience on child psychology as well as on information derived from other helpful books.

 Let’s place our children in the center and try to raise them as good as possible. The person who is most important to you is your child, not other people around you. Yet we should also know that we should not predominate our children. We should only perform a duty presented by nature to raise our children right and well. We should perform our parenthood duties as set forth in the famous Khalil Gibran poem, “Children”.

 At the end of my book, an unexpected surprise will surprise you. Please read until the end of my book to learn what the surprise is.


Senior Psychologist Gozde Emik Aksoy’s Introduction
1 - My Child’s Behaviors
2 - Is My Child Self-Confident?
3 - Raising a Positive Child
4 – The Secret of My Child’s Success: Is It Parenting?
5 - How To Be Calm Parents?
6 - Parents Who Could Manage To Be Coaches
7 - Marshmallow - Delayed Gratification Test For My Child
8- What Is The Edison Gene?
9 – Our Hyperactive Children
10- Challenging Children
11- Unconformity of the Child to Group
12 - Angry Children
13- Coping With Seperation
14-To Nurture Your Child’s Soul
15- Nutrition of My Child
16 - Health of My Child In Ayurveda
17 – Body Movements of My Child
18 - My Child.. Life Is Yours.. Take Advantage of It
19- Is the Secret of My Child.. Alternative Schools?
20 - Who Are Our Crystal and Indigo Children?

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