The Scream In “My Body”

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The novel which tells psychological problems of four women and its effects on their love life and relationships...
Mixed combinations of love stories, types and relationships in Turkey in 2000's....
Young people who stuck between East and West cultures and their obstacles...
The Scream in my body is a psychological novel which is written with post modern style...



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 Chapter 1


I first noticed that she was looking at me in the library.

He had deep blue eyes and a child-like face, had brushed his hair back, his cheeks were so cute. The only thing I disliked about him was his moustache. His bell-bottomed trousers were seen under the table. If we ignored the moustache, he would even be said to be handsome. Of course, he could shave it.

I think I know people well. His looks, gestures, outfits, inner worlds and the way they have been brought up tell on. The man sitting opposite me seemed to be sophisticated.

I was curious about why he was looking at me carefully. I stopped reading the book and started to look back at him. When realized that I was looking at him, he leaned his head and pretended that he was reading a book. He was afraid of making eye contact with me. I was looking at his face without blinking. My looks must have bothered him that he didn't lift his head from the books.

I stood up and started to walk towards him. I was walking with confident steps. When he noticed that I was walking towards him, he bent his head onto the books more. I went passed by him and stood in front of a shelf. I pretended to be looking for a book. I couldn't see his face from where I was, but I knew he was looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

While passing by, I saw the name of one of the books on the table. It was "Micro-economy". I guessed he studied economics or business administration.

Having taken a book about Greek mythology from the shelf, I went back to my table with firm steps. I randomly opened a page. It was written Apollo and Daphne on the page I opened. I started to read mythology:

Apollo falls in love with the water nymph Daphne, the daughter of Peneus who is one of the sea gods. The reason why he is desperately in love with Daphne is because he has been the target of one of the arrows of Eros the Cupid.

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