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  Are You Ready to Read the Best Pandemic Science-Fiction Novel of the World?



Could there be an important secret that has been hidden for thousands of years in the symbol of the snake climbing the tree, which is the symbol of medicine? Can the source of diseases be the Devil? Could it be a coincidence that the snake figure in the scriptures is also a symbol of Devil? Moreover, could this most evil creature of all ages have been hiding underground, somewhere in the world, using the name of a mythological being the snake-headed 'Medusa'? Moreover, could Hell have actually been there as well?

Yes, in fact, everything on Earth began with the first beginning of humanity; with the story of Devil setting him up, that is, being expelled from Heaven. However, everything in our story began at the end of the 1980s, when a group of German scientists digging underground in the depths of the Bavarian forests in southern Germany heard some strange sounds and screams coming from underground. As a result of many years of excavation and drilling, they discovered a tunnel extending thousands of kilometers underground. This tunnel was actually a gate to Hell and Devil. Upon hearing and recording these horrible sounds, they were frightened, and after a while the project was left unfinished.



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In the early 2020s, a health organization with the world's most secret and evil power, under the leadership of a horrible evil man, Dr. Cornelli, nicknamed 'Frankenstein', in order to reach the source of this sound and communicate with it, he continued this project, which was left unfinished after 40 years, and started a big project called 'Medusa'. This horrible person, who also introduces himself as the 'White Angel of Death', has been secretly managing this project for years in order to develop new species and viruses that will destroy life and humanity on earth through genetic studies by conducting animal experiments among various species in a laboratory. On top of that, his only purpose now is to follow the orders of this Devil that lives underground.

By the 2040s, there is no scientific explanation for the cause of rapidly spreading virus outbreaks all over the world. Billions of people are in quarantine, and many have died in these epidemics. Moreover, a series of murders and assassinations, especially involving medical doctors and professors, began at that time. Everyone connected with Herbert Johnson, a professor of History and Mythology who is trying to uncover the truth of the virus, begins to be killed by a horrible chain of assassinations. Prof. Herbert Johnson and everyone he wants to help fight this evil are now waiting for death as a victim in the goal of this evil force, along with billions of people fighting in the grip of the virus.

In contrast, the American Archaeologist John Smith and his Russian friend, Professor of Archaeology, Prof. Gregory Kravnik is the only one who can stop them, albeit at the cost of their lives, and for this they have to fight with them. Moreover, if they cannot stop them and this unseen evil force, now their own lives are in danger along with billions of others. The only way to stop this impending Apocalypse is to find a lost statue of Medusa, the location of which no one knows, located at the entrance to the tunnel leading to this underground hell. Because a secret gate inside this statue of Medusa is the beginning of a long and difficult path towards Devil, the source of all these evils and diseases.

The Medusa Code will drag you to one of the 7 gates of Hell in the underground.

Are You Ready Gate to Hell?

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