Story of the Bible Animals: 300 Illustrated Animals

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This is especially true of the "Story of the Bible Animals," which from its easy and interesting character is adapted to the comprehension of young and old. Many of the pictures in this book are taken from the living animals, or from photographs and sketches by Eastern travellers. Others represent imaginary scenes, or ancient historical events, and have been designed by skilful artists after careful study of the subjects.

Owing to the different conditions and race under which various books of Holy Scriptures were written, it is impossible that they should be rightly understood at the present day without some study of the customs and manners of Eastern peoples, as well as of the countries in which they lived. The Oriental character of the scriptural writings causes them to abound with metaphors and symbols taken from the common life of the time. They contain allusions to the trees, flowers, and herbage, , the fishes of the sea, the birds of the air, and the beasts which dwelt in the deserts and forests.




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