Saint Bedouin’s Fruits

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We start the thought while in any period of unlimited biology.

We hear the sound and how we follow the sound current because I hear the voice of love.

We start again with responding and we hear the reply again. The self life’s voice is to leave everything the recommended choice for a very desired thing. The dynamics of the superior life flow and the person leaving many things are allegorical with a key formation. We are in the life with our spiritual body (upper life).

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We entered the soul of the upper life and started to think with the structure that forms another life spirit. How do we think of the concerns of the potential danger with the value of something in human thoughts? When you get out of the upper life and the spiritual field, you are allowed to grow old for the scaling that allows you to progress in the first concern of fruits and the scaling in the formation of fruit. The new anxiety of the saints who want to continue the trace of the light history of God, to be able to be stronger by creating the task of God representative. But the place left in the past expected and the spiritual world change places!

I am writing the change in the past tense range. They raise the power of saints with the power of change in the reflection of the past moment. The application is only to work for power increase. Drama is re-processed with the progressive time of saints. Who may be the person at the start of Saint? And who can be the person born as saints? Started with Beelzebub family and his parents launched Saint humanity.

The father is progressing with a saint and family association and they logged in with their children. They started to work for configuration jobs in time intervals with similar contacts.

Who is Beelzebub brother? The Jewish Bedouin. Bedouin and Lucifer's second personality and others begin their exile journey.

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