Pinchpenny Mouse

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  Once upon a time, there was a large, peaceful forest filled with cute animals. There was a particular animal among them and everybody called him the The Pinchpenny Mouse. The Pinchpenny Mouse lived in a wooden cottage within a huge tree trunk, surrounded by a lush garden.

  This mouse fellow's favourite thing to do was eating. He loved it so much that he would swallow up everything on his plate . One day, he was so hungry. He took his bag with him and headed to The Generous Frog's house by the stream side. "I wonder what the frog cooked today? Baked pies? Fragrant cookies? Hmmm, I didn't quite like the lichen dessert he baked yesterday. If he cooks that again, I won't talk to him anymore," he muttered to himself tensely as he walked.



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