My Wonderful New Home: “Would You Like to Buy Your Own House?”

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The book, MY WONDERFUL NEW HOME is prepared so that everybody can BUY or SELL his house/workplace easily. Everybody who wants to QUICKLY BUY OR SELL his house/workplace must renew himself considering the below subjects:

** ENERGIES: The energy in your own house explained in FENG-SHUI and the energy in your body known as CHAKRAS are extremely important.

** SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: You have to release the old negative patterns, fears, the feeling of being insignificant that are placed in the SUBCONSCIOUS.

** CONSCIOUS MIND: You must change the negative sentences that you repeat in your mind with “SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and REACHING THE TARGET” sentences.

**ECONOMY: With this book, the ones who have difficulties ECONOMICALLY in finding the ideal house according to their budgets, will definitely succeed at buying a house with a new perspective.

The references are the psychology, economy, eastern philosophy and self development lessons Gizel Hazan accumulated 40 years of her life.



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   Mankind has tried to build a shelter for themselves since the very old days of history. The shelter of person, his/her HOUSE, is known as “HOME” that protects the person from darkness at night, cold, warmth, danger, strangers, where he/she feels him/herself happy and peaceful. Actually “SHELTERING” and “HOME” is commonly used for all animals starting from the birds. As mankind has no difference than all of the other living creatures, they also need a SHELTER, a HOME.

We Are Learning To Buy a House

 The issue of buying or selling a HOUSE is a door to innovation in life. In both of the cases, life is renewed for both of the parties, and it is wished that the change will bring charms to both sides.

 If we make a similarity between buying- selling a house and a football game, the purpose is not to pass the ball in the middle but to SCORE A GOAL. Regarding buying and selling a house, the purpose is not to visit many houses or to show your house too many times but TO BUY THE HOUSE or TO SELL THE HOUSE. That’s to say, it is in a way to score a goal.

 In this book, apart from the economical issues, the points that you have to realize about your own inner energy in order to sell or buy a house will be indicated. If you have inner patterns that you need to change, it will be easier to buy or sell a property with mental techniques, subconscious cleaning techniques and energy clearing techniques in your body and your environment.

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