My Health is Great

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The author has four books in Turkish and two of them in English version. This book you have in your hands is prepared so that everybody can live healthily, cheerfully and happily. Although we benefit from the Western medicine as we live in the West, it will be very useful if it is supported by Eastern medicine. In Eastern medicine, every patient is a whole. He/she is a whole with his/her body, psychology, energy and immune system. We may say that the illness does not exist but the patient exists. In this book Indian Medicine, Yoga chakras, Japanese system Kiko, Reiki, Shiatsu, Feng-Shui, Crystals, Plants and especially the “subconscious patterns” that I believe are the reasons of the illnesses are explained. I aim that you can find the necessary information to be your own doctor and live healthily for long years by staying away from hospitals. I want to help you to solve the problems from their core, especially the ones which start in spiritual and psychological dimensions.



Actually there is no issue like “illness” in  nature. There are just the “lesson packages” as the small gifts of nature to us. Each illness is a lesson package. A lesson package that wants to teach us something we need to learn. These lessons tell us that there is something wrong in our lives. These lessons are the interpreter of the diseases that appear in our souls, in our minds and eventually in our bodies. The moment we learn the lessons well, the problem is solved and there is nothing left as disease. We may summarize the subject as:  diseases  =  life lessons.

I believe that in order to  respect the Western medicine, we should  explore the Eastern medicine too. The people should listen their own INNER VOICE rather than the doctor’s voice. If we are used to listen  to our own inner voice, the necessary medicine, the cure, health details  are all in our inner voice. By totally being separated from the soil and the nature in the cement covered cities that we live, we forget to listen to  our inner voice.

 The biggest reason of the illnesses is that we live  “separated from nature”. If we are unified with nature, life force, prana, chi, and also if we learn successfully  the lessons taught, it will be very easy for us to find eternal health and happiness.


My Health Is Great

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