Masnawi Sacred Texts of Islam: Book Three

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Book three of the Masnavi must be read in order to understand the other first two volumes. It also includes popular stories from the local bazaar to fables, tales from Rumi’s time.

Story I: The Travelers who Young Elephant

Story II: The Villager who invited Townsman to visit him

Story III: The Jackal who pretended to be a Peacock

Story IV: Moses and Pharaoh

Story V: The Elephant in a Dark Room

Story VI:The Lover who read Sonnets to his Mistress

Story VII:The Man who prayed earnestly to be fed without work Story VIII:The Boys and their Teacher

Story IX:The Darvesh who Broke his Vow

Story X:The Old Man who made no Lamentation at the Death of his Sons

Story XI:Bahlol and Darvesh

Story XII:The Visions seen by the Saint Daquqi

Story XIII:The People of Saba

Story XIV:Miracles performed by the Prophet Muhammad

Story XV:The Man who asked Moses to teach him language of animals

Story XVI:The Woman who lost all her infants

Story XVII:The Vakil of the Prince of Bokhara

Story XVIII:Deadly Mosque..



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