Masnawi Sacred Texts of Islam: Book Six

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O Life of the heart, Husamu-'d-Din, My zeal burnt within me to write this sixth part! The Masnavi became a standard through thy influence, Thy sword (Husam) has made it an exemplar to the world O spiritual one, I now offer it to thee, This sixth part of the entire Masnavi.

Story I: The Hindu Slave who loved his Master's Daughter

Story II: The Fowler and the Bird

Story III: The Drunken Turkish Amir and the Minstrel

Story IV: The Purchase of Bilal

Story V: The Sufi and the Qazi

Story VI: The Faqir and the Hidden Treasure

Story VII: The Three Travelers

Story VIII: The Man who received a Pension from the Prefect of Tabriz

Story IX: The King and his Three Sons..



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