Little Elisa: In Wonderland

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“..There will always be a missing piece in life. It could be either something that is left undone or someone who you could not be able to come together with. Maybe the last piece has all the meaning of our lives and therefore it is always hidden” said Elisa, before she started her talk. 
It might be a specific moment that we have to spend the rest of our lives searching that missing diamond piece. Because, without that last piece, nothing will be complete..” 
Similar to this, what was the missing piece and the true meaning of Alice’s life before she became Elisa? She had to discover it. But she would have to take a really long trip to discover this..



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Before I met Elisa, I had read such thing like below, in the book of the Muslim:

“This life of the world is nothing But a Pastime and a Game.”

(Quran, The Book of Islam

“How could this be possible? Or is this the true meaning of the life?” were the questions that I asked myself since I read this.  
Is there an imaginary world and a real one?  
But after meeting Elisa and seeing these alternative (imaginary) worlds, I slowly realized that I am in a world of amusement indeed.  
Finally I could see that everything is a fictitious game in this book. I am sure that you will agree with me and rethink about the “truth” as you keep reading this book in which Elisa lived and my interesting trips with Elisa.. 

And you’ll be remember that In the universe,  
Everything has both an imaginary view and a real one, after this long trip!.

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