Joy’s Journey into the Forest

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Joy is a cute little squirrel who lives in a tree in a Ukrainian city park. She is always happy and even happier when one day she meets a little girl who gives her a taste of something delicious. Everything used to run in harmony in the park.

But things change when war breaks out, and Joy must escape with her other friends to the forest. Not knowing what is going on, they decide to visit Joy’s grandmother, a wise old squirrel who will explain everything to the young animals.


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About 5 months ago, not so long, in the winter times of years of peace, when I was strolling through the Gorky Park in the city of Harkov (Kharkiv) in Ukraine, I saw small squirrels wandering in the forest and rushing quickly and excitedly from one tree to another and carrying their food among the curious gazes of people. I was impressed and so did my daughter Elisa (5 years old), as well.

But when the war bursted out and we had to leave Harkov suddenly, I had felt so sad thinking maybe our sweet memories were left behind us forever. So I decided to write this little children’s book as a memory.

When there were explosions in the city, while we are at home, my daughter asked me: “What are these sounds, daddy?” I always replied: “The planes are passing, Elisa” and added “This is all little game, honey”. Because, I believe that the children should never learn what the war is or you should tell the war like a story. I hope, you will enjoy reading my second children book, which aims to give meaningful messages to not only for the children, and also for the adults.

This story tells our tragical and also hard last day that we left Ukraine, when not only people had damaged and also the animals had suffered. By the way, the proceeds of this book will be used to help war-torn civilians in Ukraine...

May God helps to all...

M. Ukray (May, 2022)

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