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What if our dreams came true?

What about our nightmares?





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Archaeologist John Smith, who has been conducting a mysterious excavation in the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy for 10 years, which began in 2012, discovers a peculiar statue one day, and after he finds the statue and brings it home, his little daughter Elsa suddenly begins to have strange and terrible nightmares one night.

These dreams that ignored at first, contain a series of cryptic messages about a terrible impending catastrophe that will change the fate of the Archaeologist and later the whole world, and even more frighteningly, over time, these nightmares begin to come true. In the nightmares this demonic creature communicates in Latin and requests a single thing:


Victim, much victim as possible.

So, more and more people die every day!


Moreover, this Devil and his statue, who says that he comes from the other world, from Hell, haunt the little girl's the dreams and tell her that he has come to start a series of disasters and wars in the world. Over time, he begins to give her commands and direct her. The little girl starts to change without realising it, and her family and the world start to change and drift towards evil.

What's more, as the Devil and his statue from Hell put its plans into action one by one through nightmares, Archaeologist John Smith and his friend History Professor Gregory Kravnik begin to investigate the matter and what they can do, they realise that these extraordinary events are not the first in history. Moreover, even the Bible mentions this statue and its curse. Because, 2000 years ago in 79 AD, when Pompeii and the entire Italian peninsula were destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and were buried under the lava, this Devil had already contacted the world with the nightmares of a little child and led it to destruction. But this is the second and final warning and destruction. This is a final warning of the coming Apocalypse. Elsa finally goes into a trance and communicates with the spirit of this child, whose name is Gabriel, and everyone finally learns the truth and how these Nightmares and the Devil can be stopped:


To go inside Mount Vesuvius, which is active again after 2000 years later,

And to destroy this stone statue by droping into the centre of the volcano, into the lava.


However, this will not be easy at all. Because, a very secret and mysterious Order, which dates back to the Knights Templar and their continuation, has been after this statue for centuries. Moreover they actually worship this statue and one night they secretly kidnap it from John Smith's house. Meanwhile, the nightmares are getting worse and a great catastrophe is fast approaching.


So much so that if this catastrophe happens, the world will never be the same again.

Until someone or something stops him and these nightmares from Hell..

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