Bow-Wow and Mew-Mew

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The ultimate objects of any story can only be effected through the love for a story. The prominent point in this story is development of good character. The transformation from bad to good traits in the dog and cat cannot but have a desirable effect on every child that reads the story.

Bow-Wow And Mew-Mew is one of the few books for beginners in reading that may be classed as literature. Written in words of mostly one syllable, it has a story to tell, which is related in so attractive a manner as to immediately win the favor of young children. It teaches English and English literature to the child in the natural way: through a love for the reading matter. 



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Bow-Wow and Mew-Mew become dissatisfied with their home and their surroundings, and ungrateful toward their benefactress. As the story tells, "They did not find good in any thing." But after running away and suffering hunger, neglect, and bad treatment, their characters begin to change. They naturally come to reflect their mistress's goodness. They learn the value of companionship and friendship, and the appreciation of a home. However, the ethical thoughts in the story are presented without a moral. The child really lives the scenes described. He has the emotions of the characters and feels their convictions. And this determines the worth of a story as an agent in character development.

"Get out of the way," said a little fat dog, as he came near the fire.

"I shall not get out of your way," said the white puss, who had got the best place first. "Do you keep out of my way!"

"You are as bad a cat as ever I saw," cried the dog, in a rage.

The dog's name was Bow-Wow.

Illustrated & Re-Produced by e-Kitap Projesi, Copyright...

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