1,500 Years of Theology and Literature on Earth

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Adam and Eve - Genesis - 0 - 100 years; (Adam) Creation of love, pride in the beginning of the second live asset with their experience to make sense of shame. A new quest is created after a new quest because they could not detect something and created the woman.

(Eve) And he said; (Adam) I heard thy voice in paradise; and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself. The bondage of pale colors begins on a qualified day with the fruits of natural life. The first work starting with these people is the first family unity with the beginning of farming, mining, warriors and the kingdom. Let's try the experience between the top life and the lower life with the right life.

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The late passage of the world and tops are evaluated in the first periods of childhood development, is a starting point to describe the remains of the forms in these layers. However, the distinction between sin and heaven and the integrity of the world. We will be able to protect the physics of the same soul and body distinction by the things we do in the world. Initially created in the world and God wants to continue with the impression of transition with them. (They are not in the upper life).

Likewise, we are continuously starting with sacred and scientific experiments under the same approaches as persons held in religions. Start-up experiments; It is well shown and bad. You preferred the good in the experiment and this preference is converted to abuse. In both preferences, the person is abused. But if the transition and progress of sin is continuing continuously?

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