I Am A Punishment Sent To You By God

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   I write this novel because of my wish and desire for Earth to be a more habitable place. Children of today will build the future. Life experiences of the past will surely guide them as they build it. We saw generations who respectfully wish each other a bright day when they see each other. Today, we see people who say "Why are you looking at me?" and fight each other. People don't have respect for one another, they look at each other wondering what harm can come from them.

    My beautiful children, my Eda and my Ela, will hopefully take part in this future to be built. I wish for them to be members of a fair and equitable world inhabited by people who respect each other. I dedicate this to my wife Meral, my two beautiful daughters and their future.






It all started on January 1155. A mother gave birth to a child along the Onon River. His father gave him the name of a commander he had taken captive. Everybody was going to call him Temujin now. In those years, there were Mongolian and Turkic tribes who were living in scattered small groups and had no other things on their minds than hurting each other. There were living as if it was normal to attack each other's property, lives and honor. Like herds without a shepherd, they were scattered to many places on the known world. They were getting away with the days they spend alive, and living on what they had. For various states in the East and the West, they were people who were to be used and then die without any consequences. As if they were just meat stacks. They had forgotten the rules of their ancestors. Turkic and Mongolian traditions and customs had almost disappeared.

 That's when Temujin was given birth to by a Turkish mother and a Mongolian father. Having started to lose his family ties at a small age because of the poisoning of his father, Temujin started to fall into pieces. He stayed for a long while with the wife he chose. Started to improve himself. His hatred was growing with each day. He was designing things he would do in the future. He was shook at his core by the situation of Turks and Mongolians. This great hatred growing inside him was surely going to reveal itself drastically, and his actions would later reveal that very hard times were ahead of those who live that way.

 The day of reckoning had come. God had sent him for these times. Yesugei's son was going to inform scattered tribes of the known world about new goals and new laws. Those who opposed were doomed!

 Death to thieves! Death to those who covet another's wife! Death to those who kill another for goods! Death to those who disrupt the order! Death to the unfair ones! Those who didn't do those things would be held in high esteem. They would sit alongside Temujin, the best place of all. And so it happened. Until and after Temujin took the name of Genghis, the blood of half of the people of the known world who had strayed from God's righteous way dripped from his sword.

* * *

Born in 2015, Temujin's early life was childhood was a rough-and-tumble time. God sends him a secret as a gift. Thank to this, Temujin brings massive countries such as China, America, Russia and India to their knees and dominates the world. He puts a new world order in place. He doesn't intervene in anyone's faith. He establishes new administrations in all religious centers in Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina and many other places.

   Temujin's real task is to unite the world around concepts such as justice and morality and protect it from an extraterrestrial invasion, as God wants him to do. After he established the world order, God reveals this task to him. He makes massive preparations in order to protect the world from invasion. Invaders consist of two races who live in Urganacin System, which is a different solar system. Yaca and Maca races are set out to invade the world to destroy humanity.

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