Curse of the Stars

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May 13, 1903. 

Weary moonlight penetrating the circle-shaped window of the Darkgrove Academy was the only source of light illuminating the victim. Amid the ashen night, the sounds of crickets and crows were blended with the sobs of the bleeding boy. Heavenly beams in the sky were absent; even the stars seemed to despise such brutality.

"Crying is pointless; don’t waste your last breath doing that," A rough voice, grown raucous with beer, skimmed through the walls of the dungeon, molten by damp.

"Your attitude is making this worse every time, Orlando. Just kill him, or else he is going to wake everyone up!" Beatrice hissed, her knuckles white as marble as she grasped her blade.

“There is nothing wrong with seeking some fun, even in an ancient ritual. But if you still want to play the coward, I’m fine with it.” 

Beatrice was used to Orlando’s greed, even in the inhumane requirements of the cult. She made no answer, except muttering something under her breath; her strawberry blonde bangs barely hid the offended expression on her face.

“You are all ruining the energy — get your asses at work, I don’t want to repeat everything!” Elliot exclaimed, the blood dripping from the chalice in his hands leaving new stains on the straw floor.



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Magick relies on performance. The ritual must be based on the visuals and tools, as well as the knowledge and ability of the witch. It doesn’t matter whether the spiritual forces or demons are involved, the ritual always requires its audience.

So that more people can witness the massacres, screams or chanting gracing the cruel night.

And sacrifices are just a cherry on top. A crimson-colored one, almost as delicious as blood… 

In the 1900s London, an ambitious girl Melody Abertfield's desire to have a perfectly normal year in the Darkgrove Academy gets slightly ruined as the ancient deviltry in her blood begins to awaken. When her life collides with the Cult members in a stunning chain of rituals, the darkness in her makes her feel safer than the light. She finds herself captivated by the chaos of the stars, bloodthirsty witches, and a young man, Elliot, who haunts her heart more than anything..

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